Hi, I’m Eunice Kirretai

I’m one of those lucky people who gets to do a job they love. I run my own SEO writing, copywriting and editing business from home- so whatever the time, day or night, I’m usually free to take your calls and messages and discuss new opportunities. If you need someone who not only creates great content but understands business and social media, I’m here to make your life easier.

Whether you’re looking for help with PR, web content, brochures, course materials, blogs or launching a new product, I can help.

As well as being creative, I was a project manager for many years so I understand business, hate time wasting and have a real understanding of how to market yourself to find work or reach more customers. I’ve got a diploma in social media marketing as well as a degree in Social Policy, which really helped develop my research skills.

I understand how to use SEO keywords and meta tags in a way that will bring traffic to your site without sounding clunky or contrived. I’ve also run lots of events and managed communications teams, so I’m comfortable with all aspects of comms from social media to magazine editing and writing great press releases.

I create engaging, clear copy that’s targeted to your audience and says what you need to without waffle and in plain English. I love writing About Us pages, Freewall Advertising campaigns and using storytelling to create marketing content. I also really enjoy coming up with punchy taglines.

I provide a fast, friendly, professional service with honesty and integrity. If you work with me I can promise 100% commitment. All my reviews are positive and I believe that’s largely down to my customer care skills (and hopefully my writing!!)

I do not outsource my work; everything I do is written solely by me, which is why you’ll always get a fast response and a personal service. My online portfolio here is 100% genuine and I’m happy to provide references, original copies or direct you to the links. I look forward to hearing from you!

I run my own SEO Article Writing, Copywriting and Editing business from home. I understand how to use SEO keywords that will bring traffic to your site.

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